About Me

Born and raised in a sleepy town in Somerset with very little to do i developed an imagination which still lives with me to date.10348358_691638997593485_3001387780125603628_n

While developing this imagination by exploring the world around me i developed and eye to capture images in a way people are not normally used to seeing the world .

This lead on to me learning the skills of composition and colour as an artist doing drawing and painting and developing an eye to detail and a love of all the arts which still lives with me to this day.

From there my interests turned to music where i had a small carreer as a dj and record label owner though in my heart i knew i wanted to still be doing visual work so i bought a camera and instantly fell in love with it.

I have helped train myself through the use of extensive research and practice within multiple fields to allow me to be the best location photographer i can be.

A while has passed now and i have now developed my own distinctive style which comes across in all my work which if i were to describe it it would be strong high contrast photography.

I love to create and it drives everything i do.