All that new year new me tosh

So its been a while since i last blogged so i figured it was time to get on top of things.

Wow where do i start!  well i suppose i better start by covering last year.

2015 started off with gusto for me i hit the ground running i was due to shoot in 2 different countries, i was taking business meetings and all was good.

all going well i met a girl and fell in love awwww i hear you say haha well this kind of changed my plans that i had and things got put on hold as my direction changed as i considered moving to Wales.

unfortunately that relationship did not work out  for various reasons but i found it hard to get out of that stopped mode and i did very few things for 6 months after the break as i needed to take the time that i needed to find myself.


eventually i did of course and i started to gear up on a project that i could get my teeth into.

Enter The Photography Junkie!

I have had the photography junkie site for a while and it went in a direction that i didn't want so i thought to myself what the hell! and wiped it and started it again this time with a focus on building a community of photographers based around a podcast.

you can visit the site and listen to the podcast at 

Im proud of what i have achieved with it and as someone with aspergers presenting does not come naturally to me so you will either like it or not that is okay with me.

you can also find it on itunes as well all subscriptions welcome


into 2016

Well the show is live and at the time of writing on its second episode and people starting to subscribe which is amazeballs!

Coming up for me also I have made the jump into getting a studio which for me i thought was going to be far off but turns out i was wrong so ill say more about the studio next time but exciting times for me.


Kicking my own ass!

So ive been looking at my business with a fine tooth comb and this year i will be focusing a lot more on my business practices and financial things.


As always thank you for reading.