Beginner Photography Training

Everyone starts somewhere!

First of all I want to welcome you to the wonderful world of photography!To book a photographer please visit

It is an incredible pursuit that is both rewarding and gratifying.


So you are just starting out and you want to take your photos to the next level? Great that's where I come in.

There are many reasons to want to get training in photography.

  • You may have a  new camera that you want to get to grips with.
  • You might just want to take better pictures of your kids.
  • You may have a big holiday coming up and want to make the best of the pictures.
  • you may just want to use your mobile phone better.

I can help you with all of this!


But I don't have a fancy camera!

That makes no difference at all the fundamentals of photography are the same regardless of camera.

if your camera has a manual mode then even better as we can really get into detail of giving you the control.

What if i only have a mobile phone?

Smartphones just keep getting better and better and provided you have an Android phone or Iphone there are Apps out there that give you far greater control over the cameras abilities (many are free)

So if you only have your phone then no problem that is what we will use.


Surely this is going to be expensive?

It all depends on the value you place on the knowledge as to whether you think it is expensive.

The Cost for each session in the Lancashire area is £70 per session.

For areas outside of Lancashire please contact for details.


How do i book?

Booking is simple just use the Contact Form below to send me a message stating your interest and i will respond as soon as possible and we will start the conversation with no hard sell.