Body confidence shoot

So i have not blogged for a while now, much longer than i intended. 

I am not going to lie business has been a little slow as of late and of course March madness is the time to do some sort of deal. 

For some time now i have been wanting to do something that was not directly money driven and actually gave rather than took.

I was watching a documentary about body shaming and an Australian photographer who had a slim body then had a couple kids and the pounds stayed on.

Eventually this got her down and depression and body shaming set in.

After a while she realized the way forward was to accept her body for what it was and she booked a nude shoot with a local photographer.

This radically changed her perception of herself and realized that the lumps and bumps and imperfections are part of her and she should embrace who she is as a whole.

Of course my mind was blown by this and as someone who has body shamed themselves for years wanted to try and do the same for women in a similar position.

Of course it's very easy to charge for something like this but to me that became a stunt so i decided to make it free for all who wanted to say 'this is me, this is who i am and i accept that!'

The shoot i decided to differentiate from my regular shoots and make them lingerie or less shoots.
Nothing forces you to view your body more than being naked!
So if i am able to change one persons perception of themselves for even a moment then i have done my job well.

Don't get me wrong body dis-morphia is a very real thing and i don't believe i can cure it with a photo shoot. But if a person is on the path to accepting themselves the more opportunities they have to view themselves in a positive light can only help, right?

Naturally people jumped at the chance of a free shoot and i have bookings through March and the reception has been incredibly positive.

Of course giving away free shoots is not always good for business so all the clients will be part of my 20/20 promotion where each client gets 20 cards with a unique number on them and whoever they give those cards too will get 20% off a booking and for every 5 of those people who book and pay for a full shoot the person who gives out the cards will receive a £250 framed mounted print from their own shoot.