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Playing with the high speed photography rig

Okay so i was kindly bought a high speed photography rig for my birthday so needless to say it is getting some use!   A Little Overview of the unit So the unit itself is about the size of an old game boy unit and has a built in laser sensor and also input for ... Read more

Shooting Film from shot to processing at home to editing. The Photography Junkie

contained are the videos for the entire process first is the Behind the scenes   Next we develop the film Next after scanning the negatives we choose the selects in lightroom   Next we edit the picture unfortunatly google crashed so we miss the end part but you get the idea Finally The Result ... Read more

Lightroom 101 Hangout with the photography Junkie

In this hangout i host a hangout with some others on the use of lightroom pure basics and some more advance stuff hope you enjoy the videos.   If you have any ideas for videos that you would like to see then drop me a message   ... Read more

Photo Junkie: Levitate me up!

Back again this time on a shoot with the lovely Ann purkis a local model whom I’ve worked with a few times now and is a joy to work with as she wants my crazy side :). For this particular shoot we went into a creepy basement and I decided to do myself a levitation ... Read more

Lady Of the Sea Fine Art Shot

I’ve been feeling very inspired lately and have decided do some more fine art style shots as that really seems to be my bag at the moment. so i started work on my lady of the sea project which included working with the lovely model holly Moriarty who besides being a great model is also ... Read more

Feeling a little two faced

i went to a group shoot recently and i was in a bit of a funk as to what i should do. everything i was shooting wasn’t coming out the way i hoped and looking back on the images i realise i was just being too hard on myself as they were fine. at the ... Read more

All is Not what it seems

Something a little different for you this time. I was at a shoot at a models house and as like most of the models i shoot with i am pretty good friends with her.  so we are there chatting away when on the mantle piece i saw a model VW Camper van. the detail on ... Read more

Getting the shot: Shadow play

  This is a relatively simple method of getting a shot that’s high in contrast and high in impact. all you have to do is have a beauty dish next to a wall litterally touching it and if you think of it as a shower for your model remember to keep in the shadow though ... Read more

Getting the shot : Liz

for Liz i decided to do something different its either a shot you will like or dislike and that’s fine personally i think its pretty cool and so does Liz. This shot was achieved by using a heavily condenced shop window and placing liz in the window with 2 strobes behind her firing through the ... Read more

2 Sides Of A Coin Kim Williams Magazine look

So it was a miserable Monday the weather was cold and wet and i was procrastinating when up pops Kim on Facebook. not only is she one of my favorite models too work with but also has become a really good friend of mine. She is very funny and always has the ability to make ... Read more

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