Commissioned Fine Art

Commissioned Fine art work

For years Artists such as myself have been commissioned to produce one off pieces of work.

Whether that is for the home or for the place of work.

The standard of a fine art piece is much higher than that of regular photographic work in that much more time is spent on creation of that one piece.

When completed the piece is then printed on the highest quality materials, framed and of course hand signed.

This Price is based on a half day of shooting plus up to 2 days of editing/retouching


The Piece is presented as a stunning piece of wall art which is framed and backed.

The piece is based on your brief and can contain professional models if you wish or even yourself or a member of your family.

these pieces are thought out and planned and designed to be something that you will hand down for generations to come.

All are hand signed by me

This is quite expensive why so much?

You need to think of this more as an item of bespoke furniture more than a photo as this has been created specifically for you and has had a lot more work put into it.

The price paid is non refundable unless I am  unexpectedly  not available on the day {hit by a car or something} as your booking takes up a day of business that could otherwise have been working so the money is to reimburse the potential loss of that day.

This type of booking applies to both business and personal customers

How do i get a quote?

Pricing starts at £550 but you must contact for a quote

Well first of all we have to find out what you want.

a piece like this is totally unique to you so use the contact form below and give as much details as possible.

once quoted a 50% non refundable deposit will be required to secure the booking.