Creativity: The Mental Illness, Curse Or Gift?


Before photography I was a different person.
I was socially awkward and spent many times wondering why people would go away from me when I was trying so hard to be liked I now know there are reasons behind that. whilst I had my music as an outlet for my creative expression it never fully achieved the job that I needed it to.
Since starting photography I've become much better with people though it's still a work in progress.
Through photography I get to send out my light and dark sides and let people see the world the way that I do.
I get to work with truly amazing people who recognise the good in what I do and have helped many times over unwittingly increasing my confidence.
Meanwhile I have some very close friends who support me in every crazy adventure so to everyone who has supported me in this stage of my life I just wanted to say thank you it's not just taking pictures for me it's much more 🙂

That was one of my Facebook posts which got some attention but also got me thinking

Creativity and Creative people it comes from flaws in a person's personality this is the thing that allows us to be different so i do not mean this in a negative way.

Many artists I know have similar issues to mine personally i have aspergers syndrome or aspies for short.  other creatives i know suffer from depression anxiety and other mental illnesses.

We are out there generally on the fringes of society often outcast or treated as different because of our 'crazy' outlooks on the world.

We just don't fit in..

Of course there are the downsides to any mental illness like the pure hatred to ones self that you are able to produce but from this hatred you can view the world in a different light and through creation we are able to show 'normal' people our world which in turn strikes a chord with those people as we are exposing the feelings that everyone has which is what allows them to connect with a piece of work we make be it music art or photography or {insert creative medium here}.

Through the darkness we are also able to see the light and appreciate the sheer beauty of the world around us and hand that back to the emotionally blind because we see the world i mean actually see it and we experience it on such a deep level that something such as morning dew on a leaf or the micro expression on a model can fascinate us and make our world a better place.

Now im not saying we are better people the sheer amount of social negatives that artists can collect is bewildering.

Up until the age of around 12 the world is a wonderous place with many things to explore then the rules of life are forced upon us we are told this is who you are meant to be this is how we are supposed to act and for some of us this is contra to how our brains our wired so over time this eats at our soul till eventually we break down and start to fight the system and for the lucky ones of us we find our outlet for our thoughts.

For years i thought mine was music but it turned out i was wrong photography and image making is a much deeper way for me to express myself and i can honestly say that it has helped me to be the most stable ive been in many years.

I go through life now accepting that i am different not having to fight the world and through my imagery people have an insight into my mind even if i am not able to convey that in words.

Yes i have a mental illness yes i have the downsides to that too

No i would not change it for the world

thanks for reading


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