Photo Junkie: Digital makeup saves the day

So having arranged a shoot with everything was set up model was organised makeup artist was organised everyone was on board with the idea.

So all was set came to the evening of the shoot and disaster 5 min before the shoot my makeup artist canceled! Arrrrgh!
It was too late to cancel the shoot as the model was on her way and was travelling to me.

So what was the original idea? Well the original idea was for an implied nude shot of an amazon type hunter in the woods hunting but in full tiger inspired body paint for that would really sell the effect.
Without the makeup artist this would usually have gone by the wayside as I don't like to touch my models it would be wrong for me to apply the makeup so I decided it would be a job for photoshop.
So for the shoot I packed in my bag my Sony A77 my 70-200 2.8 lens flashes triggers and manfrotto tripod.

The shoot itself was in a little wooded area near a zoo with a little public footpath going through so dog walkers were a very real possibility though to help save the model from embarrassment I had her put on nipple plasters and a black g string but we were still dodging the general public which proved to be incredibly exciting and very funny.

The shoot started with some general setup and beauty shots like this

As you can see she has perfect skin tone for any kind of flash work which makes editing a dream we then moved onto the hunter shots one of which featuring a spear which I used a pole from a lighting stand which I later added a tip to in photoshop
The final shot was to put her in a tree which worked out very well.

So besides the usual style of photoshop treatments skin smoothing etc. I had to paint her with my tiger stripes so the way done this was to add another layer and draw a tiger stripe design then once I had done this I used transform and warp to warp the tiger stripes to fit the contour of her body but it still looked fake so once I used a layer mask to take out any unruly bits.

Next up for the treatment was to change the blend mode so after many experimentations I settled on a combination of soft light and multiply by duplicating the layer and using layer asks to blend between the two.
After that it went back into Lightroom for my usual tweaks of clarity contrast and saturation.
Hope you enjoy