Get the bride to the church in time!

jay clapp-1I don't usually share customer shoots but i like the story on this as i find it somewhat heart warming.

I was contacted by the customer Jaime for a last minute wedding shoot with him and his bride to be Flavia.

Jaime and Flavia both work on the cruise ships.  Jaime is from England and Flavia is from Romania.

Such as a lot of jobs where you in close proximity with other staff members relationships will tend to form.

That is what happened to our two in the story over the space of 6 to 8 months  they got together and fell in love and became inseparable from each other.

The way the ships work in this particular company is you work for six months at a time then you have a few months off then you get assigned your ship for the upcoming season.

Now their season ended and because them now inseparable Flavia decided to come to the UK to visit during the down time and so they had a wonderful Christmas together.

After Christmastime  it was assignment time and they found out what ships they would have for the new year and DISASTER! they had been assigned different ships!

After much pleading and trying to be on the same ship they were informed that the only way they would be able to stay together on the same ship is if they were married.

Now this was only 2 weeks before they were due back in port again so in that two weeks they managed to find a registry office who would book them in at such short notice.

They were joined by a small collection of close friends and family most of whom were surprised by how fast everything happened.

I am glad to say the wedding went off without any problems the weather was beautiful if a little cold!

The happy couple are now back working again and happy and will be having a traditional ceremony in romania later in the year which they have asked me to be the photographer for and i will be honoured to do for them.