Happy times Announcement

So I've been Dying to tell you this but i am happy to announce that i am now officially accepted into Arcangel images who will be wor10348358_691638997593485_3001387780125603628_nking on my behalf to help to get my images in front of publishing houses and advertising companies who will then be able to licence my work.

This means a few changes to how i work but nothing major but could lead to bigger and better things.

Its so great to have also achieved one of my goals as well and certainly a good feeling to be accepted by them.


I like their whole ethos as well they don't devalue a creatives work like the likes of Getty images who sell the images for a few pennies they work on finding the best deal possible whilst still remaining fair to both sides of the equation.

They also aim their efforts at the top end of the market so as such my work has to be up with my best!

No pressure then Jay haha

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  1. That is AMAZING! Well done Mr J 🙂

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