Lightroom & Photoshop training for Photographers

One of the things i love about the knowledge I have learnt is sharing

The best thing about knowledge is the ability to pass it on.

There comes a point where a new or existing photographer has to learn how to edit to bring their photos to that next level.

Lightroom's  power for organisation editing and the many other things it offers is really unrivaled and as such for a newer user of it it can be a little daunting to get to grips with.

This is why i have decided to create the ability to book a session so you can train one to one with me.

The training is conducted over Google+ hangouts so you will need to be equipped for that but its ability to share your screen and me share mine helps in being able to bring you the lessons you want to learn in the comfort of your own home.

The lessons consist of around an 1.5 hours though it is entirely normal to run over to 2 hours and you are not charged extra for this.

Available lessons include:

  • Overview of lightroom taking you through all the functions available to you and take you through from importing your images to exporting the finished images.
  • Editing within Lightroom
  • Workflow and cutting down the amount of hours finding the shots you want. {especially useful for wedding photographers}
  • Want a bit of everything? no problem the lessons can be completely tailored around you.

How much is it per session?

It's £45 per session

Can it be a group call?

Yes it can its £45 for the booking plus £30 per person attending this would have to be arranged prior via email.

But i am in a time zone that is different to yours?

That is no problem either when you book you choose the date you wish to book then i contact you via email to discuss the time and we will select appropriate times that suit you and me.  its not unusual for me to be teaching gone midnight here so no need to worry about that.

How do i Book my Session?


Simply use the contact form below

Can i get a refund?

Unfortunately when you are booking a slot i will be putting all my other business for that day to the side to concentrate purely on you so that money is compensation for potential business loss so i cannot offer refunds of the money.

But if there is plenty of notice {2 weeks}  i can change the date to a more suitable one for you.

If you have any questions at all please use the contact me form ill be happy to answer them for you.

What about Photoshop?

Yes absolutely I offer training in Photoshop but because it is such a vast program the lessons are customized to the things you want to learn rather than a set program simply use the contact form and tell me what you would like to learn in this software and i will build the lesson around you.