A little Boost

I love to hear back about peoples shoots and the lovely Mimi decided to write a blog about her recent Body confidence shoot. You can read it here https://justmimi.blog/2017/03/07/new-empowered-me-i-got-naked/ But here is what it says. I am facing my fears, and this was one was the fears of being naked, but it’s much more than that, ... Read more

Big Brain Little Camera And My Move To Mirrorless

So as you may or may not know I am a bit of a Sony fanboy and shot on Sony ever since the beginning. The A77 proving itself a rock solid platform to work with and never failing on me but like most photographers after a while i fancied a change and this feeling persisted ... Read more

Playing with the high speed photography rig

Okay so i was kindly bought a high speed photography rig for my birthday so needless to say it is getting some use!   A Little Overview of the unit So the unit itself is about the size of an old game boy unit and has a built in laser sensor and also input for ... Read more

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