New Year New Look New Outlook!

First of all Happy New year!! I hope it was as joyful and as happy as you would want to be.  10348358_691638997593485_3001387780125603628_n


So in with the new year then

Its that point of the year when we make our plans for the forthcoming year so i just thought i would share mine with you!


My plans for the up coming year 

So i am going to be a lot more business focused this year hopefully increasing the amount of valued customers i attract to my business i intend doing this by:

  • Updating my site so there is an easier path to booking and paying for my photography services
  • reaching out much more to local businesses to increase my commercial client list
  • I will be shooting stock but for high end suppliers
  • Money permitting i may take on a Personal Assistant to manage the outgoing emails to increase the likelihood of commercial work
  • More video productions


It's a new look

Well thanks to a few things i wanted to implement {more on that in a bit} I had to give the site another update so now its sporting a new logo and I've added some extra social networks for you to follow me on 🙂

anyone who is reading this on the site click here to take a look around 🙂 there has been a lot of behind the scenes changes as to the running of the site and I've now switched to using a wordpress back end to manage and hopefully expand the site further.


function function function!

like i say I've been working hard behind the scenes and part of that has been a booking system so my customers can book and pay there and then and be able to select their own dates and times and all of it pay through Paypal.


Photographer training!

I am taking the training i offer photographers much more serious as well this year so as part of the now integrated booking system and shop you will find a booking system in place for my 121 online lightroom lessons which can be booked at a time that suits you! all at what i think is a very reasonable price for 121 training.

along with that i also have actual photography training available for anyone able to get to me.

and since you are still here? want a discount? enter jcpblog2015 at the checkout for a 15% discount on lightroom 121 bookings


Please be sure to share this post all support is greatly appreciated!