Photo Sessions by Jay Clapp

Well Hi and welcome to the photography services part of my site and thank you for checking me out.

I like to save people time so for those just looking for a simple price its £150.

So some people will have just left while others will have thought that's very reasonable! and to those people you are my new friends so please read on.

So what does £150 get me?

I am so glad you asked that! (its like I'm a mind reader or something!).

*2-3 Hour shoot either indoors in my Blackpool photography Studio or outdoors. It is totally up to you!
*As many wardrobe changes as we can fit in the time (some people like to take their time for a more relaxed shoot again its up to you how we proceed.
*Approximately  15 retouched images to choose from in a private gallery on the site.
The gallery can be password protected at your request.

But i want more options than that!

That is no problem at all in your personal gallery you will find a whole plethora of print options from photo books to poster size prints that you can order after the fact or I am happy to discuss print options with you and add it to your total price you pay.

So how does payment work?

Payment is simple when you agree you want a shoot I send you an invoice detailing all of the things you want in your shoot including any extras you want then as soon as you have paid for the shoot we pick a date that is good for you it is as simple as that. payment can be via Paypal, stripe or i can give you the details to pay directly.
Due to previous cancellations no shoot will be booked without the payment being made in full.

What if i have to rearrange?

Your payment is used to offset the potential earnings of that day so cannot be refunded but providing you give more than 2 days notice you can reschedule the date as many times as you need. less than 2 days and you forfeit the payment made.
It sounds quite daunting I know but most people never need to worry about this as they keep appointments.

I want to book you but I'm a bit strapped for cash!

I feel your pain. that is why all bookings over £250 have the option of splitting the payment into 3 equal payments.

Ok I know already what i want where do i sign up?

Simply use the contact form right beneath here to enquire or book and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please be sure to double check your email address because if you get that wrong I cant respond!
need more info? read on

What about discounts?

The shoots are priced per person regardless of age but group shoots of 4 or more subjects on one invoice will receive 20% discount

Share me and i share the love with you!

Every person who books a shoot will receive 20 cards at the end of the shoot to give to people and those special people will get 20% off the price of a booking!
Here is the kicker for you though. For every 5 people who book and pay in full for a shoot I will send you a framed mounted 24 inch print worth £250 for free!
If you play your cards right you can end up with £1000 worth of prints to go on your walls just by spreading the love.

Do you need more answers? just use the form I am happy to discuss the shoot with you even if you later decide that it is not for you.