Playing with the high speed photography rig

jay clapp-1-6Okay so i was kindly bought a high speed photography rig for my birthday so needless to say it is getting some use!


A Little Overview of the unitwp15e1a997_05_06

So the unit itself is about the size of an old game boy unit and has a built in laser sensor and also input for a microphone so you can do some sound triggered photography as well.

It can trigger your camera as well as a flash via a breakout cable or can just trigger the flash itself.

It has 2 dials on it the first of which is a sensitivity control for the microphone and also functions as the on /off switch.

The second dial is the delay switch.  This is where you dial in the amount of delay the unit takes to fire the trigger.


Camera Setup

So i haven't bought the cable for firing my camera as yet so i was purely firing the flash with the trigger for the shot this meant a couple things.

  1. I had to set my camera to 10 second timer mode to give me time to get into position to drop
  2. My camera had to be stopped down enough to give me a long enough shutter time to catch the whole event


So my settings ended up as ISO 100, F22 and with a Shutter Speed of around 3 seconds with  flash power at 1/8th power.

At first it may seem a little counter intuitive to have the shutter speed so long but in this particular setup the flash duration is acting as our shutter speed.


So once the Camera had been set up and put on a tripod it was then time to grab my focus which was achieved manually.


Trigger setup

As part of the kit that came with the trigger it included a permanently on laser for using with the unit.

As i was back-lighting the glass with the speed light it made sense to strap the laser to the flash and point it so its beam was just missing the edge of the glass.

This ensured that every time i dropped the fruit it broke the beam.


The trigger unit was then placed on the floor where the laser was hitting it and aligned so that the laser was instead hitting the sensor.


Dialing In

This was all set up now so all that was left was to set the timer off on the camera wait till the shutter opened and drop the fruit into the Blackcurrant Squash.

of course a setup like this is very delicate and multiple shots were created in order to dial in where i wanted the sweet spot but all was not lost those shots ended up getting used in a little fake commercial i made here.



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Jay aka The Photography Junkie