Studio Training for Photographers

OK so you have your camera you have shot a few pics and You are ready for the next step!To book a photographer please visit

Studio photography

Your first foray into studio photography can be a little daunting what with all the lights and settings and equipment you find there aand it's useful to have a helping hand to guide you through it.

This is why I decided to hold studio training afternoons with the focus on helping you take your first steps in the world of studio photography.

This introduction is held in a good size studio in Preston Lancashire with plenty of options for setups.

A professional paid model will be included as part of the price so you have someone to shoot.

What do we cover in the beginner course?

  • ¬†Lighting modifiers
  • Studio lighting
  • Working with models
  • Studio equipment

Seems a little expensive why is it so much?

Well you will be forgiven thinking that but one of the lessons you learn when starting studio photography when you don't have your own studio is it costs money.

Some of the money is paying for the hire of the studio and some is paying for the model.

All these things need to be paid for and while tf can be arranged its good practice that when ever there is money involved the model should be paid too.

Can I split the costs with some other people?

Yes of course you can i can accommodate up to 5 other people  but you must bear in mind you will be getting the same shots as them and you will have reduced time shooting the model but the choice is yours.

How do i Book?

To book is simple you simply use the Contact Form below to send me a message and ill get straight back to you.

Can i get a refund?

Unfortunately because of how it works the booking means that peoples schedule have to be changed to accommodate your booking and the money you have paid is to cover any potential business loss of that booking may have caused for that day so a refund will not be possible on this product.