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Freezing for the Fire

  In advance I really love my job as a photographer as i get to shoot so many different people from all walks of life enjoying many different interests. So you can imagine my delight when i was approached by fire performer Animus for a shoot. So as i like to plan ahead the shoot ... Read more

Lady Of the Sea Fine Art Shot

I’ve been feeling very inspired lately and have decided do some more fine art style shots as that really seems to be my bag at the moment. so i started work on my lady of the sea project which included working with the lovely model holly Moriarty who besides being a great model is also ... Read more

How To Photograph Fireworks The Easy Way

Its that time of year again where the bonfires are being lit and the fireworks are coming out to play. luckily where i live every year they hold an international fireworks competition and given its just started i thought i would write this so you can get better results from your own firework adventures from ... Read more

During the sunset

as well as the post sunset of course there was the sunset this was shot using the Sony A77 with a nd4grad cokin filter at iso100 F5.6 at 1/250th ive also lit the front of the pier using a yongnuo 565ex set to 1/4 power at 105mm zoom post production wise just a bit of ... Read more

After the sunset

Was on the beach today as per usual taking shots and decided to do some f my favorite pier. sun went down so out came the strobe settings wise i was at iso100  1/250th  F6.5 my flash was set at 1/4 power pointing towards me on my 5 section stand triggered via wireless. on the ... Read more