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New directions. the move from digital to hybrid (the photography junkie)

As you know I have been a digital user for a while favouring the Sony system over other systems such as canikon et all. Something got me to thinking though, every man and his dog has a digital camera these days and with easy access to Photoshop and great learning online its ever difficult to ... Read more

shoot update: twisted Ballerina Caroline

decided to mess around with the dark side today and do a twisted ballerina pic with the lovely Caroline its a single light shot and is made grungy by over use of the clarity slider in lightroom Please feel free to comment or share using the buttons below Jay ... Read more

Shoot update: light painting with nick

just for a bit of fun at a group shoot I done a bit of light painting with model nick light strokes were by myself with a torch Thanks for reading 🙂 please share below comments welcome ... Read more

Dark Christmas

Well Christmas is here yay! Yeah right lol I’m not an anti Christmas person I just find it really hard to have that happy Christmas spirit constantly. So what’s the answer? That’s right Christmas photoshoot dark style! This was shot at a studio in Preston uk and the lovely model I had was Ann Purkis ... Read more