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Creativity: The Mental Illness, Curse Or Gift?

Before photography I was a different person. I was socially awkward and spent many times wondering why people would go away from me when I was trying so hard to be liked I now know there are reasons behind that. whilst I had my music as an outlet for my creative expression it never fully ... Read more

shoot update: twisted Ballerina Caroline

decided to mess around with the dark side today and do a twisted ballerina pic with the lovely Caroline its a single light shot and is made grungy by over use of the clarity slider in lightroom Please feel free to comment or share using the buttons below Jay ... Read more

Feeling a little two faced

i went to a group shoot recently and i was in a bit of a funk as to what i should do. everything i was shooting wasn’t coming out the way i hoped and looking back on the images i realise i was just being too hard on myself as they were fine. at the ... Read more

All is Not what it seems

Something a little different for you this time. I was at a shoot at a models house and as like most of the models i shoot with i am pretty good friends with her.  so we are there chatting away when on the mantle piece i saw a model VW Camper van. the detail on ... Read more

Fashion with Amy

So this time ive decided to speak about my shoot with amy she is predominatly A glamour model but having been given the chance to work with her i thought i would try her more in a fashion look the shoot was set up and off i toddled to her house in southport. once there ... Read more

Getting the shot : Liz

for Liz i decided to do something different its either a shot you will like or dislike and that’s fine personally i think its pretty cool and so does Liz. This shot was achieved by using a heavily condenced shop window and placing liz in the window with 2 strobes behind her firing through the ... Read more

Getting the Shot: The Chair

So on my little sports day i decided to play around and do my take on the classic chair shot As you can see i decided rather than going for a black and white shot i chose a warm colour shot. camera settings wise i was at iso 50,  1/250th shutter speed at F2.8 setup ... Read more

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