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Freezing for the Fire

  In advance I really love my job as a photographer as i get to shoot so many different people from all walks of life enjoying many different interests. So you can imagine my delight when i was approached by fire performer Animus for a shoot. So as i like to plan ahead the shoot ... Read more

Photo Junkie: Streetlife Blackpool Night Shelter

As part of my on going work with streetlife blackpool a blackpool based charity helping young homeless people. They asked me to take pictures of their new night shelter which provides accomodation overnight for young homeless people, during the day they get to go to the drop in center called the base so the idea ... Read more

Feeling a little two faced

i went to a group shoot recently and i was in a bit of a funk as to what i should do. everything i was shooting wasn’t coming out the way i hoped and looking back on the images i realise i was just being too hard on myself as they were fine. at the ... Read more

Getting the Shot: The Chair

So on my little sports day i decided to play around and do my take on the classic chair shot As you can see i decided rather than going for a black and white shot i chose a warm colour shot. camera settings wise i was at iso 50,  1/250th shutter speed at F2.8 setup ... Read more

Neon shot and edit

Hey folks me again Decided to do something a little crazy today with my shot 🙂 I organised a photo meetup in my home town got a nice old night club for indoor shots and the day went well . On this particular shot i decided to do something completely nuts and i ordered 400 ... Read more

How To Photograph Fireworks The Easy Way

Its that time of year again where the bonfires are being lit and the fireworks are coming out to play. luckily where i live every year they hold an international fireworks competition and given its just started i thought i would write this so you can get better results from your own firework adventures from ... Read more

Pinhole model shots with Candy May

so not posted for a while been busy but i thought i would share with you some recent stuff i shot at a photo day held in Chorley in this particular part of the day i was working with the beautiful Candy May who loves the whole retro look and style and is a Vintage ... Read more