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Which of my children should i kill first?

Times are hard it’s that simple and the simple fact is those of us who don’t adapt to the current climate wont survive from a business point of view. Now im not going to sit there and bitch on how the things have changed in the world and everyone is now my competition and i ... Read more

Creativity: The Mental Illness, Curse Or Gift?

Before photography I was a different person. I was socially awkward and spent many times wondering why people would go away from me when I was trying so hard to be liked I now know there are reasons behind that. whilst I had my music as an outlet for my creative expression it never fully ... Read more

The Photography Junkie: Why photography is like sex

Photography is like sex for me. It’s the day after a creative shoot and I’m in that slump that I get after my big ideas shoots. Now a lot of people don’t talk about this and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. So why is photography like sex? Well for me I get genuinely ... Read more