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Freezing for the Fire

  In advance I really love my job as a photographer as i get to shoot so many different people from all walks of life enjoying many different interests. So you can imagine my delight when i was approached by fire performer Animus for a shoot. So as i like to plan ahead the shoot ... Read more

New directions. the move from digital to hybrid (the photography junkie)

As you know I have been a digital user for a while favouring the Sony system over other systems such as canikon et all. Something got me to thinking though, every man and his dog has a digital camera these days and with easy access to Photoshop and great learning online its ever difficult to ... Read more

shoot update: Sammi

quick update as to what ive Β been up to this time and that’s with Sammi with makeup by the lovely Jenna these images were shot using my gridded beauty dish just to give that pool of light here’s the shots thanks for checking me out πŸ™‚ please like and share below πŸ™‚   ... Read more

Both Sides of a Coin: Michelle

Recently i was a part of a group shoot in Darwen in the north-west of the uk. One of the attendees was Michelle a model I had been wanting to shoot for a while as i love her look and attitude to her work so here was my chance. I arrive at the location and ... Read more

Shoot update:Lizz

some portraiture of liz just the shoot highlights from the shoot more details on the next blog of her with a specific shot but if you are interested in knowing how any of these images was shot then please leave a comment in the comment field and i will answer any questions you have as ... Read more

Shoot update: Rebecca

Shot Rebecca again recently these are the highlights from the shoot i welcome any questions you may have about anything about the shots just pop them in the comments and i will answer πŸ™‚ again feel free to ask anything you wish to know about the pictures in the comments Thanks for reading Jay ... Read more

Shoot update Sam

just a quick update to a shoot i done with a young lad called Sam an up and coming model no real details on this one but if you comment ill be happy to respond to any questions enjoy? like reblog, comment below and dont forget to use the buttons below to share πŸ™‚ Jay ... Read more

Dark Christmas

Well Christmas is here yay! Yeah right lol I’m not an anti Christmas person I just find it really hard to have that happy Christmas spirit constantly. So what’s the answer? That’s right Christmas photoshoot dark style! This was shot at a studio in Preston uk and the lovely model I had was Ann Purkis ... Read more

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