The path to creativity.

I am sat on the way to Warrington on the way to another job and its about an hour train ride so i thought i would see what i could write in that time for you.

The Journey to Creativity.
I thought i might share with you how i come up with my ideas.

First of all I leave myself open to inspiration.  What i mean by that is when we are children we are open to the world and the entire universe is just one massive playground for us to explore.
The sights and the sounds fill us up and mixed with our own imagination  we spend our time marvelling at the world around us.
what happens when the world is a little dull? well we make shit up!

As time goes on we learn the rules of the world and why these rules ultimately help us to be functional members of society but at the same time those rules stifle bit by bit our creativity.

the first thing i learnt was to fight the urge to be normal and see the world as a child sees it


Start to marvel at the world around you.  It may feel that you have seen the same scene 200 times before but i guarantee that you haven't explored it to its full possibility.

Some times you might have to come back to it again because the weather or light conditions were not favourable and that is totally fine.  as adults with child eyes we have the ability to make choices like that and record and measure for future use.
Next up you have to accept the world as it is presented to you and realise that you have very little control to change it.
when you stop trying to change the world and work with it things become more simple.
It does not matter that its raining or windy you cant change these things the question is how to make it work for you?

Finally dont be afraid to make mistakes!
Just because it is a mistake does not make it a failure.
mistakes have the ability to teach you things or take you in a direction that you hadn't realised.


The image above for example was created by mistake.
I was out shooting on my medium format camera on film andi forgot to flick the multiple exposure switch.

What this ended up meaning is i took 4 exposures before i realised i hadn't flicked the switch!
by sheer luck the final picture came out completely different to how i intended it but ended up being my favourite image from the shoot.