Website Services

There is no denying it the world is on the internet these days so having your own website has never been so important.

It does not matter if that is just a personal site for you or a website for your business there is no denying how important having your own site is.

I am Self taught on pretty much everything I do I had to be but on my way to creating what I have I learnt a lot of things one of which being website design.websites
I don't go in for all fancy dancing sites but more for clean functional ones that are a good experience for your customers or end users.

so the first step if you haven't already is to establish contact with me and find out if we are right to work together and if I can do the sort of website that you want.

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the websites i produce are based on the WordPress platform which is popular and there is lots of help available on line.

I also offer more bespoke services which range in price dependent on the scale of the job from the just set you up with the basics to a full members only site.

During this process you are very much a part of the process as we work through what colours you like as well as font etc. so this best serves you and your needs.
Also I feel letting you be a part of the service you value your website that much more as it is your baby as much as it is mine but don't worry I wont be baffling you with code talk and everything will be explained in every day English.


Because WordPress operates on themes its easy to change the look of your site down the line without losing all your content you have worked so hard to create.

Please note: I do not alter themes created by other people! its much better for you to visit the original creator 


So lets talk about pricing

Starting with a few basics about what you are paying for when you purchase a website.


A lot of people hear about 'The cloud' and get the feeling that it is something that is just plucked out of the air and while it may feel like that with the way we access the internet through mobile devices the truth is somewhat different.

The internet is created on large interconnected computers around the world each of which have huge hard drives (lots of them!) to store all that information.

So in order to exist on the internet you need to rent your own little slice of that space.

Think of it in terms of a traditional brick and mortar shop on the high street.  The hosting would be the building that contains the shop.


Domain name:

Lets get back to our idea of the shop on the high street.

There is no point in having a shop on the high street if you can't tell people how to get to you!.

The Domain Name is essentially your address to your hosting.

If you are a little lost by that idea no need to panic i felt the same way at first but we are all aware of the www. addresses we put into our web browsers the most popular would be for example.

That domain name is rented on a yearly basis and it points to the hosting of your website so people can view your space.


But you do not need to worry about any of that!

Yes you don't need to worry about going out and finding that as I offer both of those things and set them up for you saving you the hassle.

How much does that cost?

I offer both the combined for the cost of £75 per year. Think of it as the rental of your shop and that is the only yearly charge once the website is built.


Next comes the website build.

Websites take time to make they have to be coded and tested and styled.

It is not unusual for a website to take between 30-60 hours to create and of course that time has to be paid for.

As a general rule a basic website will cost from £350 and that includes a full functional website custom tailored to suit you with an about me page along with a contact page,Blog and main page.

Of course if you have purchased the domain and hosting you will also have an email address that ends in your domain name which looks a lot more better than an @gmail or such like when you contact people.

Want more than a basic site?

No problem! what ever you want is possible if you want to be able to sell things on line? No problem. want a website that people subscribe to? no problem.

Of course I can't judge what you want as it comes down to how long it takes to code it for you. its simple the more work i have to do the more you pay.

if you are wanting a shop where you add the products yourself you are looking at around £450 but i would need to discuss with you and find out  your ideas and give you a better idea of pricing. click here to go to the contact me page


What about SEO and Google?

Search Engine Optimisation is something that helps your website become ranked on Google higher.

A common misconception is when you have a website it shows up on Google's front page and you get rich right?

Well the reality isn't so unfortunately as there are thousands of sites that got there first. over time your site naturally gets higher in the rankings depending on how often you add to your blog and other factors.

It's those other factors that SEO companies concentrate on to boost you higher and require a team to create your campaign and work on it over time and as such i do not offer SEO services and leave SEO to the professionals who specialise in that but the websites i produce adhere to Google's standards and are SEO ready from the outset not requiring re coding should you decide to use an SEO company.

OK im ready! sign me up what do i do?

Simply fill in the contact form below right now with what you want to do and i will get back to you as soon as possible and we will get the ball rolling.

Or if you have questions just contact me and i will be happy to answer them for you.