First of all, let me congratulate and wish you luck for the momentous journey you are preparing to embark on, it may be the best day of your life. A wedding is certainly an occasion of great importance and that is why I believe my photographic abilities will serve you well on this special day.

I am predominantly a fashion and fine art photographer which will allow me to capture the exact details of your event and ensure photos are of the highest desired standard, securing life-long memories you will never be allowed to forget. For what I have to offer, my service is priced very reasonably indeed.

My Wedding Style

The approach I take towards weddings is very photojournalistic- I will be somewhat invisible for most of the day as I intend to capture shots of the natural emotions experienced by everyone in attendance. This is advantageous because, although you may not notice some hidden treasures, I will, and I will surface photos for you to experience them through too.

I understand that weddings are a completely unique event and are personal to the pair uniting in marriage. This is why I can adapt my style to any specific tastes, producing group shoots in both formal and casual styles. Time frames and photo moments in certain locations can be arranged closer to the given date.

Cinematic, contrasting and beautiful- Three words to describe my wedding work.

Following the wedding- Printing and editing process

At a wedding, thousands of images are expected to be captured and in total it can take up to two weeks work to put together an album.

Steps following the wedding:

  1. Sorting through the collections, removing any unsuitable photos and selecting the best of what has been taken.
  2. Editing will be carried out on all formal photos and these will be stored in a private, password- protected gallery, sent directly to you. With the ability to star rate the images as to how much you like them as well as request adjustments to be made, you can also request colour and lighting edits. Once complete, you can send this straight back to me with a click of a button where I will proceed to make any desired changes.
  3. Next, you will have the opportunity to choose the shots taken throughout the day to be kept on the CD album and which will make it to the main album.
  4. The final images are then sent off and the album is created for you in a period of 3-4 weeks.
  5. Everything is checked more than twice and is quality controlled throughout the printing process. The album is then delivered along with a fine art print of your choice.

Please note: Prices are based on weddings in or around Lancashire. If you are having a wedding elsewhere please say so when you first contact me to arrangements can be adjusted.

What is included in the price?

  • All Day All Night -Preparation before the wedding through to the first and last dance.
  • CD or USB Stick of all finished wedding images that are Facebook friendly to share and tag- Unobtrusively watermarked photos for your personal use.
  • A YouTube slideshow to share- This will feature a slide show of the best images, set to music that you will be able to share and post wherever you want.

Optional Extras

  • High quality wedding album pricing varies with size and spreads
  • Wall Art canvas or acrylic print of your choice of formal photos
  • Parents Albums (smaller albums for you to gift to loved ones)

Photographer’s Request-

  • No cameras during the ceremony or first dance-Considering you have hired a professional photographer, it seems silly to allow low quality photos to be taken which may devalue the beautiful work which I will create. This is why I ask for no personal photos to be taken during the ceremony or the first dance.
  • An hour set aside for the Bride and Groom formals- It's lovely to have enough time to capture the moment after the ceremony without a rush whilst we achieve the main formals, including the shots for the fine art piece.
  • Access to the Best Man and Matron of Honor - This is just to help round up people for the official group photos after that they are free to do what Best Men and Matrons do best!
  • A Place at the dinner table- Nobody likes photos of them eating so I do not take images during the meal. A place off to the side for myself to eat while everyone else is eating; preferably within earshot so I can spring into action when the speeches start if you have them straight after dinner.
  • Your understanding- I am there to do a job as good as possible so I ask that any behavior that is deemed threatening or harassing is dealt with. (This rarely happens but it's usually alcohol fueled). Failure to do so would result in myself calling it a day early.  It is a shame when this does happen as that one person has the power to spoil a wonderful day but as with any job i have the right to do it without intimidation and fear.

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For your peace of mind

  • I am fully insured both myself and my equipment
  • If I am ill or in hospital on the day or otherwise incapacitated I always have a stand by photographer who will go in my place but the images will still be edited by me
  • I always double up on equipment so if the worst happens I can still carry on recording your day

How do I Book / Get a quote?

First of all we need to have a conversation to find out your needs as all weddings are custom fit.

Pricing starts at £450 but is totally dependant on your needs and the things you choose as part of the package

You can book up to 36 months in advance and a 30% deposit payment secures the booking.

Just fill in the contact form here with as much detail as possible, including the date and where the wedding will be held. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.