Which of my children should i kill first?

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Times are hard it's that simple and the simple fact is those of us who don't adapt to the current climate wont survive from a business point of view.

Now im not going to sit there and bitch on how the things have changed in the world and everyone is now my competition and i have to be ruthless about business to get one up on them . It's just not me.

Everyone has their core business and their genre that they concentrate on the most and for those who have a succesful business with that even now that's brilliant well done but how reliant on you is that? what would be happening if you broke your leg or became seriously ill where would the money be coming from if your out of action?

The same can be said for todays current climate people just can't afford to spend the level on photography they once did.

It's a luxury, something which is special for people and whilst there are those that are in a race to the bottom on price who will do poor quality work at next to no money I don't intend to be part of that race.

I'm not dropping my prices!

there's a shock for some people i know in this race to the bottom of undercutting the opposition just to get the job but what i provide is a high quality product to my customers that i fully believe in and actually provides good value for money so why would i change that?.


Blackpool punk weekend

The problem with this approach is you get less work and therefore less money so diversification is the key!

This means opening up all the other images i shoot in a year which can be used for other genres.

For me personally that means opening up my work for stock and fine art because people actually order prints from me so there is no reason why i shouldnt offer my more commercial work up for sale in the form of prints and posters.

a quick google search will soon bring up lists of possibilities for stock images and you want to sign up with as many as you can handle. the trick in this is to have micro streams of income coming in that relieve the pressure on your main focus in photography and act as a safety net should the worst happen.

some options require some hoops to jump through but simple equation: more streams of income = fewer eggs in one basket. but ive been shooting stock for a while and is a good way to have a trickle of money coming in with minimal work involvement.

i have other streams coming in to which I wont be coming into here but needless to say a bit of research and you can soon find micro finance genres to help support your work.

I'm currently in the process of sifting through my thousands of images for my more 'fine art' side of things

Trouble is which images to use? which baby should I kill first? {see what i did there?... i know}

You have to look at your images as a whole remove your judgements on them and view them as a member of joe public and think would I like that on my wall?

Some of the pictures are easy to take out the selection they are your customer shots lets face it they are not going to be interesting to anyone but the customer.

next up is to look at what stands out as unusual what catches people's eye? that's where things get difficult to stand back from so if you are quite indecisive create a collection of random pictures and get a group of people to just pick what they like from the selection.


This is about as close to an advert you get on this blog so if you wish to buy a print or poster of my work it would be greatly appreciated.

Enough of that though now ive had my little rant and hopefully shared a couple nuggets if you like what i have said please comment if you don't like what I said please comment but be nice as im a sensitive arty type haha!

most of all please share this using the buttons below I love engaging with people 🙂