The Photography Junkie: Why photography is like sex

Photography is like sex for me.
It's the day after a creative shoot and I'm in that slump that I get after my big ideas shoots.
Now a lot of people don't talk about this and I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

So why is photography like sex?
Well for me I get genuinely excited about a project I build the picture in my mind then I start to find my subject so for me that's the getting ready to take a woman on a date and picking her up so that's what idea do I like? Who shall I shoot? Where?
Next up you have scored woohoo it's back to mine for hot juicy action! Haha no seriously I'm not like that in real dates I am more nervous for stuff like that but then I'm also nervous on my shoots as I've built up the expectations of other people on my stuff so can I live up to that? So I guess it plays true for that analogy :).
Ok so shoot time this is back at mine and we are past the coffee and kisses and are now at it.
We are in location shots are firing momentum is building then the shoot finishes I then rush home to edit the pictures till eventually I finish.....
After I've finished it's out there I'm empty.. All is still and your just left thinking
Do you love me?
Was I good enough?
Wanna go again?
That time is probably when you are at your most vulnerable creatively you have nothing left to give you are exposed.
So yes photography and I'm sure other creative artists feel the same about their genre is like sex for me
My batteries are now charging ready for my next time ready to go through the whole thing again

Thanks for reading